Wednesday, December 28, 2016

The end of private car ownership?

These days every year is the time of predictions and I have never shied away from them. Here are therefore my predictions, not for 2017 but for 2027.

Autonomous (self-driving) cars are here to stay and the plans of manufacturers point at an exponential future growth. Consumers have already expressed their preferences for reading; working; meeting; or chatting on their cellphone in the car, rather than driving.

The internet of things (IoT) is already changing our mobility behavior and, with applications like Uber, as well as GPS navigators such as Waze and Sygic, our car is already connected to all others. This has the potential to alleviate much of our transport externalities, such as accidents, congestion and air pollution, and lead to a much better, and more efficient, use of road infrastructure.

We are using our car only for 10% of its time and that’s a terrible waste; car-pooling (in autonomous vehicles) will increase. Private transportation services will be demand-driven: I will have a car waiting outside my door only when I need it. I won’t need half an hour every evening to find a parking spot in the neighborhood, nor would I need to pay car ownership taxes for having a car gathering rust on my sidewalk. Once it has dropped me off, the car could go and park itself at a specially designated parking area, hopefully outside our congested cities. Residential areas will again become what the word says: "residential".

Considering the above, at some point in the near future, car manufacturing will start declining precipitously. The end of car ownership is here.

Happy New Year 2017 to all.


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